Teapots and Power Tools (My Book)

Power tools are useless unless they are connected to the power source. They may work as a doorstop or a hammer, but unless they are plugged in, they cannot be used for their intended purposes. We are like those tools. We may fill a need here or there; we may have a seemingly meaningful job or life, but unless we are connected to the ultimate power source, our potential is quite limited.

While He has equipped us to be a power tool, He also knows when we need to rest. God cherishes the times when we just sit and have tea with Him. It may represent a time of the day, such as our quiet time, or it may be a season in our life, such as unemployment, retirement, or even illnesses. These are the times when He makes himself real to us because we can “Be still and know that He is God.”

You can order my book, Teapots and Power Tools, on Amazon.com

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